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The Role of Occupational Therapists in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in the Recovery Phase in Brgy.Binan, City of Binan, Laguna.

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College of Occupational Therapy - UPH-Dr.Jose G.Tamayo Medical University

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Journal Article, Original
UPH-Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical University/Medical Center
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July 2019-July 2020
July 2019


Disaster Risk Reduction and Management ( DRRM) intend to reduce the damage and adverse caused by natural hazards like earthquake, floods, drought, and typhoon through effective planning and prevention. Occupational Therapist ( OT ) role in DRRM in the recovery phase is new to the community. A seminar-workshop was conducted in Brgy. Binan, City of Binan Laguna, where the possibility of damage after a disaster might occur resulted in a marked improvement in the knowledge of the respondents about what occupational therapist does, its role in the DRRM recovery phase, and respondents becoming more aware of coping strategies should there be a disaster.


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