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Jenny Rose C. Coruna,
Maritess F. Cuachin,
Edward Delos Santos,
Paulene L. Domingo,
Rothnette M. Esperal,
Ana Rodeza A. Martin

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Thesis Degree
Publication Date
March 2012


Labor and delivery nurses provide care for pregnant women in a variety of situations in addition to the actual birth process. From complications during pregnancy to postpartum care, labor and delivery nurses provide nursing care plus the support and empathy required for what can be the most exciting, yet sometimes frightening and painful time in a woman's life.

According to Thornby and Patterey (2005) pointed that to become a good and efficient student nurse they must be competent in performing nursing skills both in classroom and in clinical areas to determine competency, nurses must demonstrate specific skills/knowledge for each of the following assessments: biophysical, psychosocial, discharge planning, educational, self-care and environment. A student nurse must be as much as possible knowledgeable in different aspects, communicates clearly and effectively know how to be a leader as the researchers as a member.

The Labor and Delivery Safety began as the Women and Newborns Clinical Program leaders discussed ways to increase reliability in program services. Labor and Delivery is the "Emergency Department" from Obstetric care, and the unit manages a wide range of scheduled and unscheduled patients, ranging from routine obstetric car to very high-risk situations, such as pre-term twins that deliver quickly and need resuscitation/stabilization.

Labor and delivery nursing requires critical thinking, constant caring, teamwork, and communication. As the first line of defenses to prevent injury, labor and delivery nurses take on some of the most difficult and trying challenges in the delivery room. Murray and Huelsmann present this clinically oriented guide to help labor and delivery nurses make wise decisions in the delivery room. (Murray & Huelsmann, 2011).

The study utilized the descriptive research design. It determined the level of knowledge and competency of nursing seniors in labor and delivery. This method involves description, recording, analyzing and interpretation of condition that exist together with some types of variables.


The population of the study was composed of the nursing seniors and clinical instructors of University of Perpetual Help System Laguna for the academic year 2011-2012.

Based on the survey that the researchers conducted, majority of the respondents have a moderately satisfactory level of knowledge on labor and delivery. With respect to the level of knowledge of the senior nursing students in labor and delivery, almost 26.7% of the respondents have a "poor" knowledge level only as they obtained score below 75. Only 5% of the respondents obtained a highest score o 96-100, indicating an "excellent" knowledge level. Overall, the senior nursing students have a "moderately" satisfactory level of knowledge on labor and delivery.

As a result of our research, the following conclusions were drawn: nursing seniors are competent on all the key areas of responsibility as evaluated by the clinical instructors, which indicates a high level of competency; the level of knowledge of nursing seniors in labor and delivery is only moderately satisfactory. Only a few students show adequate knowledge in labor and delivery and almost one-third of the respondents obtained a failing score; the level of competency of nursing seniors is not dependent on their level o knowledge, therefore, the knowledge level of the nursing seniors is not indicative of their level of competency on the key areas of responsibility; and, other factors such as the availability of cases and frequency of clinical exposure in the delivery room may be influencing the level of competency of the senior nursing students.






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