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Karla Mae A. Agnabo,
Agnes Jane V. Capuso,
Kim Beverly C. Carillo,
Aira Theresse T. Castor

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Thesis Degree
Publication Date
March 2012



 Supplements are nutrients which are taken to augment dietary intake of these substances. The two main purposes for taking supplements are to compensate for dietary deficiency and to improve overall health and wellbeing. Oral supplements, in which are consumed the absorbed through the stomach or intestines and can be purchased at a local drug store and are easy to take. Second is the topical supplement. These are creams or a liquid which are absorbed through the skin and third is the intravenous supplements which are injected into the bloodstream.

Dorothea Orem, a nursing theorist, formulated that self-care as the practice of individuals initiate and performs on their own behalf in maintaining life health and wellbeing. The purpose of this allowed an individual and their families to maintain control their healthcare and its ongoing throughout the continuum of life and is forever evolving. Selfcare behaviors, refers to decision and actions that an individual take to cope with health problem, to improve his or her health. The involving activities of individual, families and communities are derived from knowledge and skills from the healthcare practitioners and by experiences. People are able to participate more actively in fostering their own health. Informing them to enhance health promotion, to prevent illness and disease, evaluate symptoms and restore health through self-care activities.

This study aimed to determine the relationship between the knowledge and compliance on supplementary medicines among women in Purok 5, Barangay Caingin, Sta. Rosa Laguna. Specifically, it sought to answer the following sub-problems: content, its indications, and side effects which are the independent variables and the compliance toward using supplementary medicines as the dependent variable. The study was conducted within the vicinity of Purok 5, Barangay Caingin, Sta. Rosa Laguna and it was taken a month for the researchers to accomplish it. The general rationale of this study is to determine the level of knowledge and compliance among women regarding supplementary medicines.

The researchers utilized the descriptive survey method and correlational research emphasizing empirical data generated through a survey. Correlational research involves the systemic investigation of relationships between or among two or more variables. Using correlational analysis, the degree or strength and type of relationship between two variables are determined. The study aimed to determine the knowledge and compliance of the women regarding supplementary medicines. The statistical tools used by the researchers for the study are, weighted mean, Pearson Product Moment Correlation and t-test for the significance of the Pearson r.

Based on the survey that the researchers conducted in terms of content, the respondents have knowledge that supplementary medicine contains more vitamins and minerals. In terms of indication, respondents exhibit positive knowledge on the use supplementary medicine and what supplementary medicine can do to the body and how will it helps to promote or to achieve good health. They are also knowledgeable that some of supplementary medicine produces side effects like discomfort upon taking and can alter body functional. Respondents continue taking supplementary medicines without knowing that it can place their life in danger and because of that they are slightly comply with supplementary medicine. The knowledge of the respondents on supplementary medicine in terms of its content affects the compliance.

Further health teachings could be done to increase the knowledge of the women regarding the supplementary medicine through proper information dissemination. Physician education can improve the knowledge of women regarding the supplementary medicine. The nursing student should utilize all the result of study, promptly initiate health teaching and stress art information to improve society's knowledge on supplementary medicine. The Department of Health should generate an advertisement campaign about supplementary medicine for the pursuit of a better health. The respondents should read magazine , newspapers or even journals to increase their knowledge about supplementary medicine. The respondents should increase their knowledge regarding the heath benefits that they can have when taking supplementary medicine.


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